Five year extension in Southampton will take it through to September 2025

Balfour Beatty Living Places has been awarded a five year highways contract extension by Southampton City Council. 

The extension builds on the existing 10 year deal, which commenced in October 2010, taking it through to the end of September 2025. 

Balfour said the contract extension had been awarded following a ”history of good performance and collaborative working with the local authority”.

The firm will continue to utilise digital tools, such as drones, laser scanning and BIM across the south coast city.

It said this type of technology enhances worker safety and improves asset information and decision making, while also benefitting road users and the local economy as a result of fewer road closures and restrictions. 

As part of the contract extention, the Balfour Beatty Living Places will pledge more than £500,000 in local apprenticeships, graduates and those in Note in Education, Employment or Training (NEETs), as well as £100,000 in local suppliers.  

In addition, the firm also manages Southampton’s public safety and traffic CCTV cameras through a 10 year contract awarded in 2012, which will also be extended until the end of September 2025. 

Steve Helliwell, managing director of Balfour Beatty Living Places, said: “We have significant experience in the highways industry and are dedicated to identifying new technologies which will benefit Southampton City Council and the city’s residents.”