Scheme involves a 17km2 extension of Sadr City in Baghdad

Architect Broadway Malyan has delivered the concept masterplan for the ‘10x10’ project in Iraq.

Valued at $10bn (£6.12bn), the scheme involves a 17km2 extension of Sadr City in Baghdad to create a new district known as New Sadr City.

The project’s masterplan is a milestone in the realisation of the project which, as one of the largest in Iraq, is seen as central to reconstruction in the country.

Director at Broadway Malyan John Turner said: “The completion of the concept masterplan is a major milestone in the creation of a sustainable community with a strong identity for over 500,000 inhabitants and which will ease overcrowding in Sadr City, with successful delivery having depended on long-term and close partnering with the client, and the world-class skills, expertise and experience of our diverse team of international masterplanning experts.”

Broadway Malyan secured the contract through an open competition that began in 2009 following the submission of a proposal in association with DATA Consultants.

The client is currently assessing submissions for the design and build phase of the project.