Design watchdog says planners should refuse proposals for Ram Brewery and Wood Wharf development

Proposals for two high rise developments in London have been slammed by Cabe.

The Ram Brewery development in Wandsworth High Street, which includes a 32-storey and a 42-storey residential tower as well as mid rise residential blocks, was criticised by the Commission because they said it did not provide a convincing case for the presence of tall buildings.

Minerva's Ram Brewery scheme in Wandsworth

Cabe advised in their review summary, that planning permission should be refused, and said the proposal by Minerva did not make the most of opening up the site to the town centre.

The summary also added it “fails to make the most of its context, or make meaningful connections to the wider street network. It needs to feel like an integral part of Wandsworth town centre, rather than a homogenous self-contained development.”

The Wood Wharf development for the area east of Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs, designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners also came under fire from the Commission.

Wood Wharf, east London

While it remained broadly supportive of the masterplan, Cabe said it did not believe the development should receive planning permission until certain concerns were met.

Cabe said it was sceptical about the feasibility of executing the dual high street proposal, and said issues around the dock needed to be settled, including the impact on residents living alongside a working dock.

It added it had concerns regarding the appropriateness of the housing mix and added there was “potential for a ghetto to develop in the eastern side due to a lack of community facilities.”

The buildings will range in height from about 206m on the west of the site adjacent to Canary Wharf down to 33m on the east side close to the River Thames.