Weber Floor 4650, duro-colour, self-smoothing light industrial floor compounds has been used for the renovation of floors in the reception and meeting spaces at the offices of architect John McAslan + Partners in London

The architect wanted to present a contemporary “chic” appearance to the world, but the floor’s concrete substrate was fissured. It opted to use a 10mm-thick layer of Weber Floor 4650 instead of polished concrete.

Cost was not the issue here as the systems are quite similarly priced but the architect calculates that savings have been made on maintenance and labour costs have been saved.

The compound is pumpable, hardens rapidly and is used widely in retail stores, shop aisles and shopping centres. It will receive foot traffic after three to five hours and light traffic after 24 hours. Full traffic can be sustained after seven days.

It is available in 10 colours: white, off-white, light yellow, beige, blue, terracotta, light grey, warm grey, dark grey and black. Dark grey was selected for this project and the installation was carried out by contractor Creation Flooring.