Efficiency East Midlands also procuring for £51m scaffolding framework

Firms have been put on notice for a passive fire protection framework worth up to £250m.

It is expected that a maximum of eight contractors will be appointed to each of three geographical lots, covering London, the Midlands and the rest of the country.

The framework, which is being run by Efficiency East Midlands, will cover survey work, installation of and repairs to fire doors, compartmental surveys and remedial works across high and low-rise buildings.


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The framework has a potential value of £250m

EEM is a non-profit organisation which procures for the public sector. It has a membership of 261 public sector organisations, including local authorities, housing associations, hospitals, universities and emergency services.

The four-year framework runs from November this year to November 2016. Firms have until 28 July to bid for a place.

Separately, the body is looking to procure firms for a scaffolding framework worth up to £51m. The tender period for this four-year deal ends 27 June.