Building boasts highly-efficient design with full height atrium

Foster + Partners’ The Bow in Calgary, Canada, has been officially opened.

The building is the tallest tower outside Toronto and is the first major development on the east side of Centre Street, a major axis through downtown Calgary.

The mixed-use tower contains shops, restaurants and cafes on the ground floor with offices occupying the rest of the 237m-high building.

The curve of the building helps to maximise its natural strength and cut down on the use of steel.

Full height atria on the inside curve of the building help to insulate the building from the weather.

Nigel Dancey, senior partner at Foster + Partners, said the design had been shaped by the Calgary climate.

He said: “Facing south, the building curves to define a series of spectacular light-filled six-storey atria, with mature sky gardens, cafes and meeting areas, which bring a vital social dimension to the office floors.

“This principle extends to the base of the tower, which is highly permeable, with a +15 enclosed bridge connection to downtown, an atrium of shops and cafes and a fantastic new plaza.

“Every aspect, from the raised floors to the diagrid structure, is designed to be highly efficient.”