Orange says new service filters out background noice and will be ideal of noisy construction sites

Mobile phone operator Orange has today launched a high definition voice service, which it claims significantly improves clarity and filters out background noise.

It believes the development will be particularly beneficial to those working outside and in noisy environments, such as construction teams based on site.

Research carried out with business owners by Orange show that around a third say they constantly struggle to hold phone conversations in noisy environments. The new service should make this easier and will also eliminate the perceived distance between callers.

The BBC is trialling the system as a low cost alternative to the traditional methods of live boradcasting.

Martin Stiven, vice president of Business at Everything Everywhere, the company which runs Orange UK, said: “HD Voice is going to change the way businesses are able to communicate through our mobiles from conducting calls in places that were not previously possible to the ability to hear emotions in people’s voices. We’re about bringing people closer together and HD Voice does just that, making business colleagues feel as if they’re speaking face to face.”