Trainees who pass their exams by August 1 will be offered the chance to win a Toyota Prius

Trainee Home Inspectors have been offered the chance to win a Toyota Prius if they qualify before August 1.

The prize draw is open to any trainees who pass their external exams before August 1, the day that HIPs come into force.

The giveaway is being organised by National Energy Services, which owns and operates the National Home Energy Rating and SAVA training schemes.

A similar competition was held to encourage Home Inspectors to pass their exams before the previous HIPs commencement date of June 1.

The hybrid electric car was won by home inspector Iwan Morris who spent 18 months working with SAVA to get qualified. He said: “A big thank you for training me and putting my name in the hat!”

NES managing director Brian Scannell said: “We believe that by running a second competition we can continue to incentivise trainees to qualify in time for the introduction of HIPs. Our message to energy assessors is that they need to put their foot down - 1 August is just round the corner!

The government’s phased roll requires HIPs for properties with four or more bedrooms from 1 August, followed by three-bed homes once 2,000 energy assessors have qualified, and all homes when 3,000 have qualified.