Great British Refurb Campaign asks for votes on the best policies for low-energy homes put forward by Tories, Labour and Lib Dems

The Great British Refurb Campaign has launched an ‘election scorecard’ to allow UK householders to compare the main points of Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrats policies on greening home.

Householders can quickly assess how each party’s policy would help them pay for a low-energy home refurbishment, how they would help create green construction jobs, and what support they will offer for home energy generation.

Simon McWhirter, campaign director of the Great British Refurb Campaign, said: "Tackling the energy efficiency of our homes is an important party pledge that must not be overlooked.

"It has been identified as the frontline in the fight against climate change and the UK will never meet its tough-to-tackle carbon budgets without getting this aspect of policy absolutely spot on”.

The Great British Refurb Campaign is seeking public opinion on which policies measure up best.

Visitors to the website can place their own vote for which party they think is doing the most to deliver greener homes for everyone.

Click on this link to access the Great British Reburb scorecard