Worcester Community Housing tenant stops rush-hour traffic in frustration at four-month wait for completion of repairs

A housing association tenant caused traffic chaos in Worcester earlier this week by tying himself to a bridge in a protest about outstanding building work on his home.

Adam Talbot undertook the stunt on Tuesday to highlight his frustration at his family's four-month wait for work to be completed by his landlord, Worcester Community Housing.

He was arrested on suspicion of wasting emergency resources after police were forced to close Worcester Bridge for an hour and a half during the evening rush hour to protect both Talbot and emergency workers.

The father or five, who also has a set of twins on the way, has since said he regrets the stunt and has apologised to the emergency services and inconvenienced commuters.

The housing association that owns Talbot's home, which is located in the city's St John's area, said that the work required on his home is “complex” and is continuing.

It suggested that he contact the association directly about any further problems.

Talbot is said to have been inspired to make his bridge protests by the activities of campaign group Fathers4Justice.