Veri-Tag paint additive allows a laser to check that contractors are following designers’ specifications

Paint manufacturer ICI Paints AkzoNobel has developed laser-based technology to ensure that specifications are followed on site.

Called Veri-Tag, it comprises of an additive that is invisible to the human eye but once the paint is applied it can be detected using a laser device, showing up as spots of green light on a black background.

Currently available in the Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt range, it can be used to make sure that the paint isn’t substituted for other makes.

Phillipa Allden, brand manager at Dulux Trade, said - “Veri-Tag is a revolutionary technology that means specifiers can now retain greater control over project quality. Traditionally, once the brief has been handed over, it has been difficult to ensure that a design, down to the brand of paint used, is followed exactly.

“However Veri-Tag provides specifiers with the means to test the legitimacy of the paint, once it has been applied.”

The company says Veri-Tag has no effect on the appearance, physical properties of the paint nor does it affect the substrate to which the paint is applied.