Sign up to Building’s Charter 284 manifesto that calls on political parties to protect investment in construction work

Building’s Charter 284 campaign aims to leave the political parties in no doubt as to the economic and social benefits of investing in construction work.

The title is drawn from the fact that, according to a report by economic consultant LEK, every £1 invested in construction generates £2.84 of GDP.

Spending will have to be cut, and choices made, but as the parties ponder what to put on the block, we’ve picked out five areas where continued expenditure will best help the competitiveness of UK plc. What we are calling on the next government to do:

1. Complete the renewal of the school estate
2. Don’t let spending on transport infrastructure fall more than 10% below current levels
3. Reduce the regulatory burden on the housing sector to encourage more development
4. Give householders incentives to green existing homes
5. Prioritise the development of renewable energy, including nuclear, through incentives for private sector investment.

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