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  • Zappos HQ, Las Vegas

    Get happy: Wellbeing in buildings


    There is a strong body of evidence of the tangible ways that building design can improve wellbeing. Now an increasing number of major clients are realising that this is not just good for employees’ health - it’s good for business

  • Argent

    A client's view: Argent


    Argent’s Tony Giddings on the developer’s near £1bn pipeline of work and its belief in partnering

  • Great Portland Estates

    A client's view: Great Portland Estates


    Great Portland Estates’ head of projects on the firm’s pipeline and paying subcontractors on time

  • Walkie talkie tower, 20 Fenchurch Street, Land Securities, Canary Wharf, City

    A client's view: Land Securities


    Building caught up with Land Secs’ head of project management on procurement, selecting contractors and upcoming work

  • bikes



    Are green ratings helping or becoming a problem in the quest to improve the sustainability of new buildings?

  • Lease application form

    Lease is more


    With capital budgets still tight and limited finance available from other sources, leasing companies believe their moment may have come. We do the sums

  • Ecobuild

    Getting to grips with micro economics


    A new report suggests that small-scale renewable technologies on commercial developments might cost more than they’re worth. But others argue that this misses the bigger picture. Katie Puckett investigates

  • India

    Inside India: Construction opportunities


    India is not a market for the fainthearted, but with the demands of 1 billion people to satisfy, growth of 7% predicted for this year and an investment plan of 1 trillion dollars on the table, there are rich pickings for the courageous. Building reports

  • Legal money small cartoon

    Switching jobs from QS to legal

    The legal profession is one of the few still prospering, which is why so many QSs are clamouring to enter it. But how easy is it to make the switch?

  • News analysis

    Procure 21+: The £800m typo


    The government set construction’s blood pressure rising recently by seeming to announce a sharp drop in funds for Procure21+. In fact, the life support system isn’t about to be turned off. Katie Puckett reports on how a tiny error shook the flagship health framework

  • Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow

    £90m PFI hospital on hold as trusts review finances


    Viability of PFI projects under scrutiny despite last week’s announcement of £1.3bn pipeline

  • supermarkets

    Supermarket sweep: Construction opportunities


    Supermarkets are bucking the retail downturn, and now they’re either going supersize or micro. Whichever option they choose, there’s going to be a ton of construction work

  • defence3

    Choose your weapon: The defence sector


    For those hoping to fight for some of the £2.9bn of annual construction work from the MoD’s property arm, the target has shifted

  • healthcare

    NHS reform: What’s the prognosis for the £36bn estate?


    The NHS is undergoing radical reform, which throws up opportunities to reorganise its £36bn estate. But big political, financial and legal uncertainties leave the construction supply chains unsure of their future

  • Alan Cumming

    EDF nuclear boss talkin' about his generation


    Alan Cumming wants your help building EDF’s third-generation nuclear power plants, which, if all goes to plan, means four multibillion-pound projects and more than 150 contracts up for grabs

  • Jonathan Edwards

    2012 countdown: Jonathan Edwards and the Olympic village


    Don’t worry. Jonathan Edwards hasn’t fallen on hard times since winning gold at Sydney in 2000. Rather, Locog is using his expert knowledge to help with the delivery of the £1bn Olympic village, right down to the fixtures and fittings

  • Features

    University challenge: The higher education construction conundrum


    It’s a tricky one: higher education institutions have to slash capital spending plans, but they need to keep upgrading their estates if they want to attract students and, consequently, funding

  • Features

    Charter 284 Transport: Spending vital for construction and the UK


    In the second week of the Charter 284 campaign, Katie Puckett explains why the UK’s future prosperity hinges on the government maintaining spending in this vital sector

  • Wrap logo

    Wrap waste supplement 2009: now online


    'Time for a New Age' includes details of the latest developments in construction's war on waste

  • Features

    I'm still here: Expats surviving in Dubai


    When the recession brought work in Dubai to a virtual standstill, it triggered an exodus of expat professionals. But not everybody went home. Building talks to some of the survivors to find out how life in the UAE has changed

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