MK Electric has enhanced its Aspect DSC lighting control system with the launch of a two-channel version.

The two-channel system allows control of two circuits – 1 x 500W and 1 x 250W (600W maximum) – and works with most lamps, including incandescent, mains voltage halogen and low-voltage halogen that are powered by an electronic transformer.

According to the company, the unit provides a simple way to control lighting, can be programmed to store any combination of light levels in four “scenes”, and comes with an infrared remote control that enhances the usability of the product. There is also a holiday mode that homeowners can use while away.

Installation is straightforward. The unit fits into a standard UK 47mm back box and does not require a neutral connection, so mains rewiring is not necessary. This, says MK, makes Aspect DSC distinct, as most lighting circuits wired as a spur do not have a neutral available, therefore making rewiring a necessity.

MK Electric (306)