Boris Johnson says zones will provide less polluting energy from local renewable schemes

London mayor Boris Johnson has announced plans for 10 “low carbon zones” across London, which will help households and businesses reduce their energy bills.

Boris Johnson

The move is part of Johnson’s drive to meet his manifesto commitment to slash carbon emissions in the capital by 60% by 2025.

Low carbon zones will provide a range of services and technologies such as home insulation, buildings retrofitted with energy efficient devices, locally generated renewable energy schemes.

Also on offer will be energy and carbon assessments to work out existing carbon footprints and how best to reduce them.

Six low carbon zones will be in addition to four existing pilot projects supported by the London Energy Partnership in Barking, Wembley, Elephant and Castle and Mitcham. Work on the new zones is expected to start in early 2009 and should be established by 2012.

Details of how the six new locations will be chosen will be published in September and the public will be invited to submit location ideas.

Johnson said: “Today I have committed to deliver ten flagship 'green energy' zones across London which will provide locally produced, less polluting and less wasteful energy to fuel households and businesses in these areas.

“This will be achieved by working hand in hand with organisations such as the Energy Saving Trust, British Gas and EDF Energy.”