Group does not include Miller chief executive Keith Miller fueling speculation of a family feud

Members of the Miller family have put the housebuilders and construction group Miller up for sale.

Miller Homes Lancefield Quay
Miller's Lancefield Quay in Glasgow

A statement from the Alligned Shareholder Group at Miller, which consists of second and third generation members of the Miller family and owns more than 60% of the company, said they have appointed consultants Ernst & Young to review the possibilities for selling their stake.

However, the group does not include current Miller chief executive Keith Miller, prompting weekend press reports of a “family feud” at the firm. A source close to the Alligned Shareholder Group told Building that Keith Miller was in regular contact with ASG head James Miller, and that reports of a feud were “a bit strong.”

The Miller Group was founded in Edinburgh 74 years ago and employs nearly 2,000 people.