Capital & Regional chief executive to be axed following boardroom bust-up

Revealed: the plot to expand Heathrow

The Sunday Times revealed that Heathrow owner BAA prevented the government from receiving data which showed that the expansion would cause unlawful levels of pollution and extra noise.

Property chief faces axe

Martin Barber, chief executive of Capital & Regional, is to be ousted after a boardroom bust-up, the Sunday Times reported.

The newspaper states that a row with chairman Tom Chandos and the rest of the board after share prices fell by almost 70%.

Fast rail links would bring £63bn benefit

Consultancy Atkins will release a report this week stating that TGV-style rail lines will save the economy £63bn, according to the Sunday Times.

The report states that without improvements the network will run out of capacity by 2016 if rail passenger increases continue.

Motorways and schools ‘must have wind farms’

A new generation of wind farms should be built along motorways and outside every school to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, Gordon Brown’s new climate change “tsar” told The Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Lord Turner, the head of the government’s committee on climate change, said the country might have to do radically more than expected to tackle climate change.

Setback for home owners who want to extend

Thousands of home owners will find it difficult to build extensions and convert their lofts when new planning laws come into force later this year, according to the Royal Town Planning Institute, reported the Daily Telegraph on Saturday.

Under proposals in the Planning Bill, people who have had applications rejected by the council will have their cases heard by a local member review body rather than the independent Planning Inspectorate.

Closed Post Offices get council buy-up lifeline

Post offices which have been closed down in Essex are to be bought by the County Council and reopened for the community, said The Sunday Telegraph.

Of 32 Post Office in Essex which were earmarked for closure, only one is still open for business.