PfS warns election may delay schools projects

Five-month hiatus likely to follow the general election as a new government reorders priorities

A senior director at Partnerships for Schools (PfS) has warned that there may be a “slight delay” to schools projects for up to five months after the next election while the new government establishes priorities.

Colin Howell, academies director at PfS, told the BSEC North conference: “When the political position changes, there is always a hiatus at some level. There may be a three- to five-month period where there is a slight delay as decisions are taken about future policy, although there are always officials in place who can keep things moving.”

Howell stressed, however, that he expects continued commitment to spending on both the academies and primary capital programmes from a new government.

He said: “The spending commitments we have can't be unpicked over the next two, three, four or five years. I think we should be positive. As I understand it, the political support for academies and the primary programme comes from all parties.”

He added: “I'm hopeful the primary programme might continue in its present guise, although obviously I can't say what ministers will do.”