Midlands eco-furnishings company goes into administration after being owed £200,000 by failed builder

The collapse of social housing firm Rok on Monday has dealt a knock-on blow to Wolverhampton kitchen company Chamois Furnishings.

The firm, which installed recycled timber kitchens, has been taken into administration with the loss of fifty-seven jobs, reported the Birmingham Post.

It is owed nearly £200,000 by Rok, and said it was also hit by a demise in confidence in the sector by the collapse of social housing company Connaught just nine weeks ago.

The firm supplied housing associations, local authorities and private developers.

Chamois Furnishings founder and former managing director Andrew Jones-Dutt told the Post that the failure of Connaught and Rok had brought down other contractors.

“And the implications of the demise of Connaught destroyed confidence in the sector and I have had several small contractors go bust on me already - when it went down, it took out companies which had an effect on me. It’s like a row of dominoes.”

Administrator Begbies Traynor have disposed of the goodwill and customer list to an undisclosed rival company.