Steel giant to construct temporary building in Hyde Park this weekend

Tata Steel will erect what is believed to be the first temporary building to use a post-tensioned steel structure at Hyde Park this weekend.

The pavilion will serve as the centerpiece of the Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Cup. Tata worked in collaboration with Australian based consultants S² Corporation to produce the signature structure which comprises of a 25m post-tensioned latticed arch made out of hollow sections and a roof is clad in five panels of white fabric.

Murray Ellen, founder of S² Corporation said: “The technology that we are showcasing with this structure demonstrates the potential for post-tension steel technology to deliver for conventional ’big span’ design, but with a significant reduction in the amount of steel required to construct. We have achieved clear spans up to 120m through post-tensioning, and the bigger we go the more benefit the technology brings.”

Ellen added that he believes the application of post-tensioned technology could provide both environmental and economic benefits and improved building performance and that the technique could be applied beyond this project to the wider construction industry and the built environment.