Walltite spray foam insulation from BASF Polyurethanes was used to provide a high level of thermal insulation at minimal thickness in the conversion of an 18th century house in North Yorkshire

Rigg End Farm sits on an exposed rural site and has undergone a comprehensive renovation. One of the advantages of applying Walltite is that the substrate doesn’t require any preparation or primer, the company says.

On this project the stonework was simply dusted off before application and the insulation spray applied to the internal walls between the timber studwork. Any high spots were then trimmed back with a wood saw before attaching plasterboard to the studwork. About 100m2 of Walltite was applied in just two and a half days.

The finished walls should achieve a target U-value of 0.26W/m2K. A minimal insulation thickness of 85mm was achieved in most areas with little reduction in room size, enabling the owner to retain the character of the original building elements.