ACO Technologies has launched ACO DoorWay Drain, a new threshold-level drain system

The Part M-compliant system has a lightweight channel body that the company claims is more robust, easier to handle and faster to install than its predecessor. Manufactured using ACO’s patented HexTechnology moulding technique and 100% recycled material, the new plastic channel – together with its two-part stainless steel Heelguard grating – is designed to sit flush against the entrance brickwork, providing complete threshold protection without the need to alter the doorframe.

The channel comes in a 1m length and installation requires no special tools as eight “punch-out” discs allow a 110mm outlet connection to be positioned along the channel base. For draining to a soak-away, the installer need only remove the perforated cut-outs from one of the two end caps. The drain is suitable for both new developments and refurbishments where it can be fitted right at the end of a project to avoid unnecessary damage to the grating.

ACO Technologies