Pilkington has expanded its energiKare range with the introduction of a triple-glazed unit which, it says, optimises the amount of heat lost through windows whilst still allowing useful solar gain

Suitable for low and zero-carbon homes, the units are capable of meeting the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes and exceed BFRC window energy A rating for performance and Passivhaus requirement levels. The triple-glazed units are designed to allow larger glazed areas without compromising the energy efficiency of the home.

The triple-glazed unit uses two panes of Pilkington K Glass – a low-emissivity glass which helps prevent heat escaping - and an outer pane of Pilkington Optiwhite - an extra-clear type of glass that increases the degree of solar heat gain - with argon gas fill in both cavities. The overall thickness of the unit can be varied to fit a variety of modern framing and bead dimensions.

Warm edge spacer bar options are available for even better energy efficiency and reduced risk of edge condensation.