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  • Will Bank of England governor Mervyn King cut interest rates to zero?

    Market forecast: Two years to go …


    Building prices plummeted 7.5% in the last quarter of 2008, and aren’t set to bottom out until 2011. Peter Fordham and Maren Baldauf-Cunnington of Davis Langdon deliver the latest grim predictions

  • Marks and Spencer’s forties Bournemouth store has been refitted to cut energy use by 25%

    Sustainability costs: Refurbishment


    The advent of EPCs means commercial landlords can no longer ignore the inefficiency of existing stock. Richard Quartermaine of Cyril Sweett breaks down the costs of revamping these energy guzzlers

  • The Lilium tower, designed by Zaha Hadid and Patrik Schumacher, will be a 240m high ornament on the Warsaw skyline

    Country focus: Poland


    Poland has been enjoying a construction boom over the past three years, and although it’s not immune to the financial pandemic, it’s still going to record 6% growth. Marcin Klammer of EC Harris reports

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    The tracker: Bleak midwinter


    No tidings of comfort or joy here, especially for the shrinking residential sector, as employment prospects plummet and order books languish, says Experian’s Business Strategies division

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    Cost update: December 2008


    After sharp inflation in the second quarter, consumer, input, output and materials prices all peaked and are now on a declining trajectory, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon

  • Citi data centre, by Arup Associates, will be the first data centre to achieve a LEED platinum rating

    Cost model: Data centres


    As IT power increases, so energy use has grown enormously. Simon Rawlinson and Nick Bending of Davis Langdon examine the design and cost implications of low-energy data centres

  • Single-stage tendering is not incompatible with good architecture, as Haworth Tompkins’ Young Vic demonstrates

    Procurement: Single-stage tendering


    Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon sets out the pros and cons of the single-stage strategy and offers some guidance on how clients and contractors can use it successfully

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    The tracker: Plumbing new depths


    The slowdown continues to eat into firms’ workloads and order books, with the activity index for September falling to an all-time low, according to Experian Business Strategies

  • This recently-completed office building in Prague comprises 12 buildings and was built for about £120m by contractor Porr

    Country focus: Czech Republic


    With the strengthening of the Czech koruna and increased expenditure on the part of high-income groups, will foreign investment come at a price? Miroslav Vasko of EC Harris, Prague reports

  • Levitt Bernstein designed this housing scheme in Barnet, north London, as a demonstration project for the redevelopment of the Grahame Park estate. The 32-unit scheme consists of family homes for rent and one and two-bedroom apartments for sale

    Mini cost model update: Small projects


    The worsening economic climate and sustainability requirements have affected costs for small projects such as affordable housing, nursing homes and extra-care homes

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    Market forecast: Going down


    Continuing work has helped the industry survive so far, but that is about to change.

  • As a recent NFB survey has found, connecting your site to gas, water and electricity can be a real headache for contractors.

    Spotlight: Utilities


    As a recent NFB survey has found, connecting your site to gas, water and electricity can be a real headache for contractors. Brian Moone and Bob Hollingsworth explain the form

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    Lead times: August-October 2008


    The downturn continues to wield a considerable influence on lead times, with only concrete works reporting an increase since July. Brian Moone of Mace crunches the numbers

  • A typical seventies office building

    Sustainability: Office refurbishment


    David Rees of Davis Langdon reviews the latest thinking on low-carbon design features to improve the energy performance of office buildings

  • Foreign Office Architects’ John Lewis department store in Leicester is draped in ornate cladding reminiscent of lacy net curtains

    Cost model: Retail development


    This year marks the peak of the retail cycle. With the economy slowing, can future schemes deliver quality and innovation? Simon Rawlinson and Richard Taylor of Davis Langdon investigate

  • Kew Palace in west London was restored to its early 19th-century condition for £5m

    Specialist cost update: Envelopes


    Roofing: In our latest round-up of works packages, Paul Wootton of Gardiner & Theobald says 20% growth is still expected over the next five years

  • Herzog & de Meuron’s IKMZ library, Cottbus

    Country focus: Germany


    Germany, traditionally the motor of European construction, has stagnated for a decade. Now it’s sputtering back into life – but will the credit crunch kill it? John Atkins of EC Harris reports

  • Regional perspective

    The tracker: Bottoming out?


    The indications are that there’s still a way to go before we’re out of the woods, but there are small signs of improvement, reports Experian Business Strategies

  • The Academy of St Francis of Assisi in Liverpool features green roofs and photovoltaics and was designed by Capita Architecture to harness passive solar gain

    Cost analysis: Sustainable schools


    The government’s target is to make schools zero carbon by 2016. Sean Lockie and Ian Butterss of Faithful + Gould and BRE’s Anna Surgenor look at the costs involved in upping their green grades

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    Cost update: September 2008


    The downturn’s effects become evident as inflation escalates for consumer, input, output and materials prices, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon