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  • Investment has come to the secondary cities where investors have seen the potential of commercial developments such as this shopping centre

    Country focus: Poland


    EU funding and infrastructure projects cushioned Poland from the downturn, but the public sector culture of always accepting lowest price tenders needs to change

  • a new affordable housing scheme under construction in camborne, cornwall, uk

    Construction growth revised down


    Office for National Statistics revises down GDP growth for last 9 months

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    The tracker: Pause for breath


    September saw a brief halt in the downward trend of construction activity, but continued small declines are expected between now and Christmas, says Experian Marketing Information Services

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    Market forecast the depths of winter


    After the uplift in activity in the first half of this year and the swingeing cuts in the spending review, a long and difficult winter lies ahead, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon

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    Spotlight when the upturn comes …


    After past recessions, lead times have rapidly increased - and there’s no reason why it will be any different when the next one comes, says Brian Moone. So what is the impact likely to be?

  • The financial case for fitting energy-efficient lighting becomes much stronger once the benefits from ECAs are factored in

    Sustainability: Tax incentives


    The government wants to encourage energy-efficient investment. Steve Smith and Richard Quartermaine of Cyril Sweett look at what tax incentives are available

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    Cost update: Q2 2010


    The quarterly analysis of construction industry costs and prices shows everything going up except wages and employment

  • BBC's Broadcasting House

    Procurement refurbishment


    When budgets are tight, refurb can seem the ideal solution. But how do clients and contractors allocate risk and manage outcomes? Simon Rawlinson of Davis Langdon looks at the options

  • Features

    Building Intelligence


    Public housing and infrastructure are keeping construction’s nose above water, though the industrial sector’s 40% fall in new orders is a drag

  • Bahrain World Trade Centre, designed by Atkins. The Gulf state is the most expensive in the region, with prices running at about 11% above the UK

    International costs 2010


    Now that the great global roller-coaster seems to be slowing down, where has it left tender prices? Paul Moore of EC Harris looks at how economies around the world have fared …

  • WSP Cantor Seinuk was the structural engineer on Frank Gehry’s stainless steel-clad brain health centre in Las Vegas. The rise in steel prices has now begun to ease

    Market forecast: On the level


    The brief rise in tender prices is over but so, it seems, are the sharp falls that characterised last year.

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    Costs and challenges of biodiversity planning


    Dormice are protected, frogs need water and bats return after removal – just some of the challenges in dealing with British fauna and flora

  • A government scheme to guarantee loans to first-time buyers has benefited former Communist housing developments as much as the new-build sector

    Country focus: Romania


    The downturn hit Romania hard but it’s in a reasonable position to recover

  • The National Technical Library in Prague was designed to hold 1.2 million volumes and was opened in 2009

    Country focus: Czech Republic


    The Czech Republic is showing tentative signs of recovery after the most difficult year in its brief history. But what are the implications for construction costs? Miroslav Vasko of EC Harris reports

  • Features

    Market forecast: Chink of light


    Construction prices edged up in the first quarter of the year. So does that mean the industry recession is at an end? Sadly not, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon

  • Energy from waste as a means of treatment is preferable to the last resort of landfill

    Cost model: Energy from waste


    Simon Rawlinson and Matthew Hicks of Davis Langdon weigh up the costs and the risks of treatment solutions

  • Features

    The tracker: Same time next month …?


    It’s business as usual, as tender prices are down for the 20th month in a row and many regions’ indices see no change. At least the weather’s behaved, writes Experian Business Strategies

  • Features

    Building Intelligence


    Experian’s Business Strategies division looks at what happened to the industry at the end of 2009, which makes for grisly reading – but there were some star performers, and things are looking up …

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    Lead times January-March 2010


    It looks as though the industry may be turning the corner. Most contractors are reporting an increase in enquiries and for the first time in a long time, a package actually increased. Brian Moone of Mace reports

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    Specialist costs steel and concrete


    The structures trades have been some of the hardest hit by the recession. Simon Rawlinson and Mark Lacey of Davis Langdon examine how specialist contractors and the supply chain have faced up to the challenges