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    Lead times: April-June 2009


    Another quarter goes by without a single increase in any works package, and this time seven have fallen. There are also reports of a reduction in secured workloads, says Brian Moone of Mace

  • Not as green as it looks: DEFRA’s office near Alnwick is one of the greenest in the UK but most employees will probably drive to work as it isn't near a bus stop and the railway station is several miles away

    Sustainability: The future of offices


    We’re going to have to make some important changes in the way we use offices in the future. Here Cyril Sweett director Hugh Mulcahey looks at what the options are – and which is better

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    The tracker: Blip or double dip?


    Just when we thought we could bask in a few rays of sunlight, an icy wind swept through August with most indicators showing the rate of decline speeding up again, says Experian Business Strategies

  • Future Systems’ revamp of 187-195 Oxford Street, central London, completed in November last year

    Cost model: Office refurbishments


    As more owner-occupiers look for cheaper, more efficient and sustainable offices, refurbishment may provide the answer. Simon Rawlinson and Ian Harrison of Davis Langdon report

  • This new building for BSkyB will be the world’s first naturally ventilated TV studio when completed. Designed by Arup Associates, it will use up to a third less energy than conventional studios

    Specialist cost update


    In the final part of our series, Sense Cost Consultancy explores the difficulties that M&E contractors and suppliers are facing, the effect that’s having on prices, and what the future may have in store

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    International costs 2009


    No country has been safe from the effects of the global recession and even China’s legendary growth is at its slowest rate for a decade

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    The tracker: Emerging markets


    Most indicators are finally recovering, with residential activity at 50, tender enquiries at an impressive 69 and all regions showing signs of improvement

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    Cost update: September 2009


    Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon makes his quarterly analysis of changes to costs and prices. And, to cut a long story very short, tender prices are heading south in a hurry …

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    Procurement update


    During the boom, clients turned to frameworks just to get firms to do their work. In the recession, many are asking if they’re still needed

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    The tracker: Vital signs


    The rate of decline continues to slow, especially in the residential sector, but, with demand weak and jobs uncertain, the prognosis still isn’t great. Experian Business Strategies studies the charts

  • The Dublin 02 was designed by architect Populous and opened at the end of last year. It was created from an old warehouse on the quayside

    Cost model: Indoor arenas


    Even in recessionary times, entertainment creates opportunities and in the live music business, promoters want new, purpose-built venues. Simon Rawlinson and Martin Jennings of Davis Langdon examine how gigs are changing the face of the indoor arena

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    Country focus: Hong Kong


    Despite government investment in public sector projects, the construction industry has been badly damaged by the slowdown in China and Macau

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    Market forecast: A history lesson


    Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon presents the latest news of the blues, and an illuminating comparison between this recession and the previous three

  • Birmingham Bullring set a new design standard for the inner-city shopping centre

    Specialist cost update: Office and retail fit-out and refurbishment


    In the second of its series of cost updates for specialist trades, the Sense Cost Consultancy team considers refurbishment and fit-out in the office and retail markets

  • Panellised metal cladding and non-standard passenger lifts are both at their lowest lead times in the past 10 years

    Spotlight: The noughties


    It is 10 years since Mace began to record lead times, and many have never been lower. Brian Moone analyses the economic patterns of the decade to see what they can tell us about future trends

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    Lead times: April-June 2009


    There has been no increase in any works package this quarter, and six have fallen. The good news for clients is that the historical data suggests they may fall further yet, says Brian Moone of Mace

  • Does making an investment in water efficiency measures ever pay back?

    Sustainability: Water efficiency


    Does making an investment in water efficiency measures ever pay back? Isabel McAllister and David Sutton of Cyril Sweett present the business case

  • This page and left: Sheppard Robson’s £11m lab block for Cranfield university in Bedfordshire

    Cost model: Universities


    Universities are vital in maintaining the UK’s place in the knowledge economy and have been major building clients over the past 10 years. How will higher education clients approach tougher times? Simon Rawlinson and Laurence Brett of Davis Langdon look at emerging trends in the sector

  • The Belgrade office market has shown rapid growth in the past five years

    Country focus: Serbia


    Serbia’s construction industry may not be racking up 20% growth any more, but it’s still hitting 9.5% and shows little sign of slipping into recession. Sasa Trajkovic of EC Harris marks your card

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    Cost update: May 2009


    With construction material prices still in decline and wages variously increased or frozen, the market shows a mixed picture. Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon takes a closer look