The judges were impressed with Redland’s Innofix Clip which removes the need for hammers and nails while tiling



Innofix Clip


Simple solutions are often found to be the best and in an industry with fine margins Redland has managed to shave an incredible 40% off the installation time of roofing tiles and boost safety at the same time – all with a simple clip. Building judges were suitably impressed with the firm’s Innoflix Clip, which was devised to respond to the updates in the British Standard for Slating and Tiling in 2014. Launched in October 2015, the tool-free clip secures the bottom of each tile to the roof batten, removing the need for hammers or nails. With significant benefits in productivity and cost-efficiency, the clip has sold nearly three million units in its first six months alone.


Brick Slip Masonry Support

IG Masonry support systems

Suspending bricks from the underside of masonry support has always been a tricky business. Identifying the need for a more efficient system IG Masonry conjured up the Brick Slip Masonry Support, which uses one-piece prefabricated units with bonded bricks to reduce on-site labour costs and time, and achieves a 70% weight saving.

Celotex CF5000 Full Fill Cavity Wall Insulation


Taking aim at the need for new homes to have better insulation, the Celotex CF5000 has been designed to maximise thermal performance without widening the cavity, allowing builders to optimise available space. Product standardisation also allows for guaranteed installation costs.

E4 Brick House


Meeting level four of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the Wienerberger e4 brick uses a “fabric first” approach with efficiency in mind and maximises the properties of clay for heat retention.

Working with Arup, the firm spent two years perfecting the design for a new archetype for the UK’s next generation of housing.

Filcoten Channel Drainage

Alumasc Water Management Solutions

This channel draining solution from Alumasc is sustainable and lightweight, made of cement-bonded fibre composites and up to 70% lighter than conventional concrete channels. Designed to suit a range of uses, the product is durable enough to withstand an aircraft rolling onto it and has been used in public realm schemes in Oxford and Hull.

Hilti On!Track Asset Management


Tracking assets can be cumbersome, however one firm harbours plans to revolutionise the sector and provide safety enhancements. Working with Sellafield and PPS Electrical, Hilti’s On!Track asset tracking system allowed the firms to electronically attach certificates to assets to confirm they were safe to be moved.

Hi-therm Lintel

The Keystone Group

Taking lintels to the next level, the Hi-therm Lintel by Keystone has won plaudits for being up to five times more thermally efficient than a steel cavity wall lintel. Using a patented Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and galvanised steel hybrid design the single-component lintel simplifies installation and provides stability during the build process.


Kingspan Insulated Panels

Heralding a “quantum leap” in performance, Kingspan’s quad core insulating panels offer up to 20% performance enhancement, a 40-year thermal and structural guarantee and superior fire protection. The new core material combines microcells with insulation which can deliver thermal performance of 0.018W/mK.

Keylite Roof Window

Keylite Roof Windows

This innovative answer to the perennial window thermal collar issue from Keylite has been seized upon by housebuilders across the country. By expanding to fill any cavity between the window and roof, the Keylite thermal collar reduces heat loss and removes a condensation point.

Virtual Acoustic Reality


Often the preserve of the latest Japanese gadget, virtual reality is now making waves in the construction sector. Complete with “gaming quality graphics” Cundall’s Virtual Acoustic Reality takes clients and engineers on an audio and visual tour of a building before it is built, and allows acoustic problems to be resolved from a desk.