Royal Boon Edam Group has come up with a design for a revolving door that also generates energy

Although only at concept stage – a prototype has been installed at Driebergen-Zeist railway station in The Netherlands – the manually revolving door incorporates a generator which, as well as controlling the speed at which the door revolves, uses the movement of people passing through it to generate electricity.

Each revolution of the door generates around 50W. A set of capacitors store the generated energy to provide a consistent supply for the low-energy LED lights in the ceiling. LED scales inside the door indicate the amount of energy that is generated. According to the company it is not efficient to supply the energy back to the mains network through a converter. The system is suitable for a revolving door with a diameter between 1,600mm and 3,000mm, allowing a maximum capacity of about 38 people per minute. 

Royal Boon Edam Group