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    Conquistadors in Kensington


    While French firms were dazzling us with their hefty turnovers, the Spanish have sneaked in and established themselves as the next big thing in European construction.

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    Laing O’Rourke soars after £1.8bn Heathrow deal


    Business barometer £1.8bn East Terminal coup raises contractor to overall number-two spot

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    2007 salary survey


    There’s plenty of good news in this year’s PSD Group/Regenerate survey on working in regeneration. Salaries are rising along with the sector’s clout under Gordon Brown. But finding and keeping staff remains a big problem.

  • Building’s new map of Europe …

    Balance of power


    Building s annual rundown of Europe s top 300 contractors confirms the continued dominance of the French - Vinci and Bouygues remain in the top two positions. Mark Leftly and Emily Wright reveal the secrets of the superpowers success and split the continent into six regions to analyse how ...

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    Top 200 Consultants 2005: Class acts


    It’s Friday night and that means it’s time for … erm, Building’s eagerly awaited annual consultants’ league. Before we count down the top 200, Katie Puckett and Richard Heap pick out the highest climbers, hottest new entries, bestselling acts – and a rather familiar group in the number one spot ...

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    Top 100 Contractors and Housebuilders 2005


    Amec has kept the yellow jersey for another year, despite being rapidly chased down Balfour Beatty and the ever more dynamic Taylor Woodrow. But before you pore over the placings, you should consider what the numbers don’t tell you.

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    The £6.5bn men


    Every year these 10 men greenlight more than 18,000 projects worth north of £6bn. Katie Puckett got them together to find out what impresses and depresses them about construction firms, and on pages 58-59 we list the top 100 clients in the UK

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    Salary survey 2005


    With the continuing skills shortage leaving firms fighting over the best candidates and the glut of new developments on the go, the BSj/Hays Montrose salary survey reveals a buoyant job market in which salaries have been on the increase – no matter where you’re based

  • French Top 300

    Europe's Top 300


    Building’s round-up of the 300 biggest European contractors reveals that French firms Vinci and Bouygues have stormed to the top.

  • Monsters Inc

    Top 200 Consultants 2004: Monsters, Inc


    This year’s consultants league table ranks the 200 biggest, scariest practices in the UK – and then breaks them down into bite-sized top 100 architects, engineers and surveyors charts. So who are the Godzillas and the Godzukis of the industry this year? We report from under his desk, Tables compiled ...

  • Amec, Carillio, Mowlem

    Top 100 Contractors and Housebuilders 2004


    Since 1993, the nature of the construction industry’s big beasts has changed markedly. We report on the effects of 10 years of stabilisation and increasing prosperity

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    The buyers


    Welcome to Building s first ever table of construction s 100 most powerful clients. Over the next eight pages we measure their worth by sector, region, project and reputation. Andy Pearson mingles with the people who push the buttons, Camargue and Glenigan provide the ammunition

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    Building’s Beckhams


    Every year, a few premiership players dominate the European construction league – but their Spanish competitors are playing a long game and there may be an upset.

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    Top 250 Consultants 2003: Big hitters


    This year’s consultants league table ranks the top 250 practices in the UK, then breaks it down into the top 100 architects, engineers and surveyors. But which have the class and the grace to punch above their weight? We report from the ringside Tables compiled by Martin Hewes

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    Top 100 Contractors and Housebuilders 2003


    Directors justify their salaries by pointing to market forces. But the spectacle of poorly performing bosses skipping away from their disasters encumbered by sackfuls of cash has hardened opinion against those whose remuneration exceeds their talent.

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    The Vikings have arrived


    This year, France s domination of the European contractors league table was brought to an end by a Swedish assault. And, as Matthew Richards reports, Skanska isn t the only firm with global ambitions.

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    SSR Salary Survey 2002: Money, money, money...


    SSR Personnel, the leading recruitment specialist for the security sector, has used its extensive database of 60,000 applicants and 40,000 service users to undertake its tenth Annual Salary Survey. We examine the results, and the impact they're likely to have on the readers of SMT.

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    The Top 200 Consultants 2002


    This year’s consultants league table ranks the biggest 200 consultants in the UK, followed by the top 100 architects, engineers, surveyors, QSs and building surveyors. But does size really matter? We discuss its relevance with the assistance of a canine analogy …Tables compiled by Martin Hewes

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    Top 100 Contractors and Housebuilders 2002


    Welcome to Building’s annual league of the top 100 contractors and housebuilders in the UK. The tables clearly show another great year for construction, with total turnover, pre-tax profit and margins all breaking records.

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    Cream of the Continent


    The biggest construction companies in Europe have shifted positions slightly since last year s league table, but the names remain the same. So why do Vinci, Bouygues and Hochtief always appear at the top of the pile – and streets ahead of UK firms?