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    Market forecast: Going down


    Continuing work has helped the industry survive so far, but that is about to change.

  • Global concern: world stock markets have plummeted

    Market forecast: Cut-throat times


    Soaring materials costs have driven up building costs and tender prices, but the economic slowdown is set to apply the brakes. Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon reports

  • More than 34,000 jobs have gone on Wall Street during the credit crunch

    Market forecast: Growth slips


    Tender prices are rising less rapidly as new orders slow, while growth could fall below 1% this year, warn Peter Fordham and Máren Bauldauf of Davis Langdon

  • Rainy days: the Bank of England says commercial property is a serious risk

    Market forecast: Orders holding up


    Despite the pessimism all around, most contractors have strong order books and there are few reports of projects being cancelled or delayed. Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon reports

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    Market forecast: Credit crunch ahead


    Full order books mean the industry is likely to remain busy into 2008 but the impact of the credit crunch on new developments remains to be seen

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    Market forecast: Tender prices head up


    Tender prices are continuing to soar, especially in London, but the rise in the cost of building is set to slow over the next year

  • Foster’s Willis building in the City

    Market forecast: Olympics swell boom


    The industry is booming, and with Olympics projects, retail work and office developments in the pipeline, there’s further growth in store

  • Activity is rising in London, as demonstrated by New Street Square

    Market forecast: Buoyant mood


    Last year ended with the construction industry in a buoyant mood and all signs point to further growth in 2007

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    Market forecast: Gearing up for 2012


    Last year’s slight downturn in workload has reversed in 2006. But, says Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon, construction inflation can only keep growing as we gear up for the Olympics

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    Market forecast: Output recovering


    In the latest quarterly focus on industry trends, Peter Fordham of Davis Langdon reveals that after a slow 2005, output is climbing back up – and prices with it. Plus, a look behind curtain walls

  • Architect EDAW’s impression of the proposed bridge linking Stratford City to the main stadium, part of its Olympic masterplan

    Market forecast: Looking up


    This quarter, Davis Langdon reports on an optimistic construction market, with prices accordingly on the rise … Plus a look at the effects of the Finance Bill, and the latest materials price trends

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    Market forecast: Cause for caution


    In its quarterly look at market trends, Davis Langdon reports on a fall in output that has led to cautious forecasts for 2006. Plus how the pre-Budget report affects the industry and the latest materials prices overleaf

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    Market forecast: Infrastructure explosion


    Davis Langdon looks at the state of the construction economy, including energy price rises, the Olympics, current public spending and the exploding infrastructure sector. Plus, why everybody’s talking about oil …

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    Market forecast: Tender price turnaround?


    Tender prices may be falling, but that could all change in the not-too-distant future … Plus the state of the market in the northern regions and an analysis of what everybody’s talking about

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    Market forecast: Steady on up


    In this quarter’s overview of the construction market, Davis Langdon reports a continued growth in output, orders, tender prices and material costs. Plus, this month’s hot topic is public spending

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    Market forecast: Onwards and upwards


    In this quarter’s overview of the construction economy, Davis Langdon reports that output and orders are rising steadily for now – as are tender prices and materials costs. Plus, we hone in on another hot topic

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    Tender price forecast: Sunny outlook


    With the office market tip-toeing towards recovery, the spending review making investment promises and demand at an all-time high, the outlook is warm and sunny, says Davis Langdon

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    Tender price forecast: Racing upward


    The good news is that demand for construction services is going to remain strong for the next few years, and prices are going to rise rapidly. The bad news is that labour shortages and China s astonishing boom will push up suppliers costs, too. Davis Langdon and Everest reports ...

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    Tender price forecast: London lags behind


    London s office developers are in hibernation and are likely to remain so for at least another year. This is dampening inflation in the capital – but in other areas, such as Wales and north-west England, the market is booming and costs are rising. Davis Langdon Everest presents ...

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    Tender price forecast: North-west leads the way


    London is still suffering from the office sector slump, according to Davis Langdon Everest, which is dampening inflation and keeping tender price increases to a minimum. But UK output as a whole has continued its steady increase – especially in the booming North-west