Technology Strategy Board to fund 15 demonstration projects for both transport and stationary applications

The Technology Strategy Board is to invest £7m in 15 demonstration projects to stimulate the development of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies.

The projects will include both transport and stationary applications, such as providing power to homes and dwellings.

Fuel cells can be more efficient than internal combustion engines, and are a quiet source of power. They can be tailored to accept a wide range of fuels, or adapted for multi-fuel capability. When fuelled by hydrogen, they emit no pollutant by-products and when operating on other fuels such as natural gas, pollutant levels can be significantly lower.

Iain Gray, chief executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said: “By providing capital funding towards the cost of demonstration, this important programme will enable British companies to collaborate to commercialise fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. Covering both the transport and stationary market applications, the funding will support and take forward already successful research, development and prototyping projects”.