International panel of judges will decide on the winning design later this year

Engineer Buro Happold and consultant Davis Langdon are on an international team shortlisted to design and build the $1bn Iraqi Parliament complex.

The team is being headed-up by architect Assemblage and also includes Iraqi engineer Al-Khan.

Steven Humphrey, director of Davis Langdon in Doha, said: “It will be a landmark building and everyone involved with it is quite keen to score it.”

Peter Besley, director of Assemblage, said the architecture of the country had a special appeal which would need to be incorporated into the Parliament’s design.

“Baghdad is not the typical Middle Eastern city where you just have a brand new city. It’s an ancient city and it’s rebuilding itself after years of war,” he said.

But Besley said they did not yet know how many names were on the shortlist.

The Iraqi Ministry of Construction and Housing is set to appoint an international panel of judges who will decide on the winning bid team later this year.

Before building can commence contractors on the site will need to demolish an existing 50m high concrete superstructure built by Saddam Hussein as part of a project to create a super mosque.