Indian construction firm loses bid after rival steals tender documents using iPod

An iPod has been used to steal data in order to beat a rival bid for a lucrative construction contract in India.

According to the Times of India, a construction firm was suspicious at the close margin by which its bid was beaten at tender.

Subsequent investigations showed that the few staff aware of the tender details were all highly trusted individuals within the firm.

An iPod was shown to have been used to download tender documents from an office computer

Forensic tests then revealed that a USB port had been used to access the tender documents, which had then been downloaded onto an iPod.

The companies involved cannot be named for legal reasons, but employee Murali Mohan said that the losing firm clearly had learned no lessons from the incident.

“A day after discovering that an iPod was used for theft, I entered the same office with an iPod. Nobody stopped me,” he said.