Contractor Morgan Ashurst is using Durisol’s eco-friendly wall forming system to reduce the carbon footprint of a new extension to the Caen Community primary school in Devon

The external and internal walls of the single-storey extension have been constructed using fully recyclable Durisol modular units – a cement-bonded building product manufactured from 80% recycled wood fibre. In addition to the units’ low embedded energy, they are also supplied with mineral fibre insulation with U-values down to 0.19W/m2K.

The wall units are dry stack (they have a tongue and grooved profile which helps with their alignment) and are then filled with concrete to create solid walls. In this case the building’s square, single-storey design helped ensure high tensile strength which has eliminated the need for reinforcing bars.

On the Caen project 365mm-wide Durisol units with Rockwool mineral fibre insulation were used for the extension’s external load-bearing walls. These are the largest units in the Durisol range with a sound reduction capability of 57dB.

All units have a structural core thickness of 120mm. Durisol’s 170mm units, without insulation, were used for internal walls and have an acoustic rating of 55dB.