Hyload Insulated DPC, the structural waterproofing product from Ruberoid Buildings Products, has been designed to minimise cold bridging when closing masonry cavity walls.

Ruberoid says Hyload is easy to handle, can be installed as work progresses and is strong enough to accommodate any irregularities in reveals. The dampproof course comprises a polyethylene foam insulation that is bonded to a Hyload Permabit polymeric dpc membrane. Ruberoid says it will not crack when bent, and that the layer of insulation is both CFC and HCFC-free.

Hyload’s Preformed Cloaks are also now available from selected distribution centres across the UK. Hyload Preformed Cloaks simplify the waterproofing of awkward junctions to prevent water ingress and are suitable for overcoming complex shapes and changes in direction.



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