Tremco Illbruck has launched a range of bump-free mechanical movement joints.

Suitable for applications that require super-flat floor surfaces, such as hospitals and food production facilities, it has been designed so that forklifts and special equipment do not bump or sink into the groove of the expansion joint. Six profiles are available in the range, which feature a zig-zag joint – like a saw tooth – that is able to accommodate horizontal expansion or contraction in adjacent concrete slabs.

The profiles come in 1.98m lengths, although shorter units can be ordered and adjacent sections can also be joined together on site. Options include two waterproof joints containing elastomeric inserts. There is also a choice of leg length to enable the joints to be incorporated into different types of floor construction. The movement joints are resistant to aggressive cleaning agents and are normally set into a channel in the concrete floor construction. The structural topping is then laid up to the edges of the profile’s top section.

Tremco Illbruck (307)