The new Alljoist from Boise EWP, part of the Simple Framing System, has been designed for use in floor and roof systems that need to match the old 9-inch deep carcassing joist.

The product mimics the shape and load distribution of steel girders. It includes a web formed from a high-grade OSB, which separates flanges of Canadian spruce. It is available in lengths up to 12m and is light and has eased edges for safer handling. The wide nailing surfaces make for the easy fixing of decking and plasterboard and there are pre-stamped knockout holes for wiring and plumbing. The OSB web is suitable for service hole location and the timber base of the product enables easy factory or site trimming. The inherent stability, stiffness and strength of these joists mean that neither herringbone strutting nor blocking is required. It is certified for use by the Trada Q-Mark product certification scheme.

Boise EWP (304)