Kingspan Off-Site has launched a collection of low-carbon technologies which were specified to create the building fabric for the Kingspan Lighthouse, the demonstration Code for Sustainable Homes level 6 house built at BRE.

The technologies comprise a ventilation system, a ventilation and heating system and a solar thermal system, which were all designed to reduce the carbon emissions created through everyday life.

The ventilation technology comprises a Kingspan Air Recovery system and LindabSafe pre-sealed air duct. According to the company the system recycles up to 88% of heat which would normally be lost with conventional extractors.

The ventilation and heating system can provide a cost-effective alternative to radiators and underfloor heating in houses by integrating the boiler and ventilation system to offer air heating. In an airtight house ventilation is essential, and this option allows the ventilation infrastructure to also heat the air in the house through the use of an integrated heater coil.

Solar thermal systems are custom designed to offer maximum flexibility and meet hot water demand through the use of the Kingspan Solar Thermomax vacuum tube solar collectors.