Neil Dower of Conamar: Voted Tory

“I don’t think the result is the best thing for the country or the industry. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cameron called another election in the next 18 months. Until then, I think decision-making will be slow. The cuts are something to keep an eye on, especially when we know where they will be made.”

Simon Flatt, managing director of Flatt Consulting: Voted Labour

“It was sad to see Gordon go. I wasn’t convinced by the leadership skills of Clegg or Cameron, but together they could add up to one strong leader. And I have to admit, seeing Cameron outside Number 10, he looked like a prime minister.”

Paul Swinburn, director of Provelio Bristol: Voted Labour to avoid the Tories

“I am not sure how long this alliance will last. I predict we’re in for a period of stalemate and lots of bickering, which we can’t afford at the moment. But the industry should start to see some concrete plans about what we can expect.”

Jack Pringle, co-founder of Pringle Brandon: Voted Labour

“Construction will be hit harder than any other sector. Making Vince Cable business secretary could hit the private sector as his plan to break up the banks could damage lending. Either way, the economy won’t do a double dip but the industry will.”