Exhibition space for historic remains to be incorporated into residential and retail devleopment

Architect Pringle Brandon Drew has unveiled its plans for development of a 2.1 acre site in Shoreditch in east London on the site of the historic Curtain Theatre.

The project, for Plough Yard Developments, will include a purpose-designed enclosure displaying the archaeological remains of the theatre where Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet and Henry V are thought to have first been performed. The remains were discovered during early excavation work.

There will also be 400 residential units, two office buildings and a retail space.

John Drew, managing partner at Pringle Brandon Drew, said: “Having uncovered an internationally important archaeological discovery, we have the unique opportunity to create a centrepiece which is accessible to the public and provides facilities to showcase The Curtain Theatre’s cultural importance. 

“We will be working closely with the Museum of London Archaeology and English Heritage throughout the process to safeguard this amazing find.”