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    Signs of life for housing?


    This week has seen the release of data from CLG, covering the second quarter’s housing starts, and CML, providing the latest data on mortgage lending. Both have seen sharp increases. Housing starts in England during the second quarter of 2009 were 63% higher than in 2009 Q1 following the high ...

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    Forecasters call the bottom of the house price slump


    The increasing stretch of stable house prices is leading forecasters to call the bottom of the slump. The Nationwide late last month tentatively said it may be time to think the unthinkable that house prices may exit 2009 higher than they entered it. Last week much was made of ...

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    Green shoots?


    RICS commercial property survey shows that the pace of decline has slowed and demand is marginally increasing in the office market. Of those surveyed, just 13% said new sales and lettings had fallen, compared with 71% two quarters ago, but any fall at all is still bad news. The rise ...

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    Housing activity rises but prices set for further falls


    The latest RICS housing market survey paints a more optimistic picture of the housing market, with evidence that confidence and activity continue to improve. The ‘new buyer enquiries' series (the balance of surveyors reporting an increase rather than a decrease in buyer interest) has been rising since November and, at ...

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    There may be trouble ahead


    How worried should we be about the the findings by the surveyors body RICS in its latest construction market survey showing that the outlook for the industry is at its worst for a decade? The short answer is seriously concerned. But that is only a partial answer. It certainly ...