Case Studies

Lincoln Castle

Lincoln Castle: Taking liberties

5 Mar 15 | By Ike Ijeh

The £22m restoration of Lincoln Castle involves the painstaking reconstruction of 1,000-year-old walls and the excavation of a Saxon sarcophagus. It also means sticking one of only four copies of the Magna Carta underneath what was once the exercise yard of a Victorian prison

Hong Kong skyline

Can tall buildings ever be sustainable?

25 Feb 15 | By Ike Ijeh

With debate still raging over the 230 towers lined up to make the London skyline look more like Hong Kong’s, Ike Ijeh looks at whether tall buildings can ever be sustainable

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Thames View East

Council housing: Maybe this time…

18 Feb 15 | By Ike Ijeh

After years of decline, council house building looks set to enjoy something of a resurgence. But can the new generation of council homes avoid the stigmas of the past?

Housebuilders building schools

Trading places: Housebuilders building schools

11 Feb 15 | By Ike Ijeh

With the critical shortage of school places likely to be a hot political topic in the run-up to the general election, Ike Ijeh reports on a growing trend for housebuilders to build the schools themselves

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SPECIFIC’s first ‘Building as a power station’ prototype

Buildings as power stations

4 Feb 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Scientists are working hard to make the built environment principally reliant on renewable energy. But with only 10% of their ideas leading to commercial application, a Swansea-based innovation centre aims to turn theory into practice

Bristol Life Sceinces

Bristol Life Sciences: Split personality

28 Jan 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Sheppard Robson’s Bristol Life Sciences building comprises a sober street facade that apes Georgian townhouse vernacular; and a dramatic, industrial laboratory elevation that ripples like a giant metallic wave

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Sir John Armitt

Ecobuild 2015 video: Sir John Armitt

5 Mar 15

Author of the Armitt review on UK infrastructure plans, the energy sector and nuclear build programme


Style Partitions Moveable Walls

What to specify: refurbishment

This week’s refurbishment products include the installation of an aluminium windows and doors system in Hackney, moveable walls in Manchester, and a wood canopy for a campus at Edinburgh University

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Project news

The Pinnacle

Deal done: Lipton Rogers inks Pinnacle rescue deal

19 Feb 15

Exclusive: Sir Stuart Lipton’s team seals deal to take over mothballed tower

The Pinnacle

Lipton Rogers on verge of Pinnacle rescue deal

16 Feb 15

Sir Stuart Lipton’s team closes in on taking over mothballed tower


Caddick construction

What to specify: Cladding

25 Feb 15

If your eyes glaze over at the thought of glazing, this week’s crop of cladding products will perk you up no end with a choice of cedar, cast stone and aluminium

Soleal windows

What to specify: Education

10 Feb 15

You don’t need an IQ of 150 to realise that there are a plethora of dead clever education products this week, including a door that will close when a fire alarm goes off and another that will fend off the smartest burglar

Rooftop support systems

What to specify: Roofing

20 Jan 15

This week’s roofing products include roof boards at the new Woburn Forest Village Center Parcs leisure facility in Bedfordshire, and a green roof system at the Buchanan Street retail development in Glasgow

Tekla Global BIM awards winners

What to specify: BIM

8 Jan 15

This week, we celebrate BIM champions from around the world, as well as all manner of innovative BIM products coming to a construction site near you

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Sketch of the week

Kingston Gala sketch

Sketch of the week: Kingston Gala

27 Feb 15

This week’s #buildingdoodle sketch is by Stephen Willmore, associate director at Assael Architecture.


Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Wonders & blunders with Gill Parker

12 Sep 14

London resident Gill Parker thrills to the Sackler Gallery’s contemporary spirit but is less than charmed by a sixties housing estate that has ghettoised its residents

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From the Community

Sarah Richardson

The privileged few

13 Feb 15 | By Sarah Richardson

It’s imperative that architecture doesn’t become an occupation only available to the wealthy elite

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Jack Pringle

Build well, live well

29 Jan 15 | By Jack Pringle

A building that looks after your wellbeing - your fitness, comfort and stress levels - might sound like science fiction, but there are already awards in place applauding this kind of innovation

James Maddock

Space: The final frontier

22 Jan 15 | By James Maddock

Our understanding of the kinds of workspaces employees require is changing and this will result in offices that are more flexible and responsive to the varied needs of their occupiers