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Bristol Life Sceinces

Bristol Life Sciences: Split personality

28 Jan 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Sheppard Robson’s Bristol Life Sciences building comprises a sober street facade that apes Georgian townhouse vernacular; and a dramatic, industrial laboratory elevation that ripples like a giant metallic wave

British pavilion, Milan

British pavilion, Milan: Get the buzz

21 Jan 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Much of the site of this year’s British pavilion in Milan will evoke the spirit of British landscapes. But its crowning achievement will be a gigantic recreation of a beehive

Sydney Opera House

Not on the money: Over budget projects

14 Jan 15 | By Ike Ijeh

When finally completed last autumn, New York’s One World Trade Center clocked in at a total expense of £2.5bn, making it not only the most expensive skyscraper of all time, but also costing eight times its original budget. But is it the most over budget project ever to be built?


BIM: Visualisation technology

7 Jan 15 | By Ike Ijeh

Software used in the gaming industry is being integrated within a BIM platform to give enhanced architectural visualisation - offering designers a mind-bending simulation capacity

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Whitmore Park Primary School

Projects 2014 review: part 3

19 Dec 14 | By Ike Ijeh

Building takes a look back at the completed projects that impressed in 2014

Heathrow Airport Queen’s Terminal 2

Projects 2014 review: part 2

18 Dec 14 | By Ike Ijeh

Two more completed projects that impressed in 2014 - the British Museum and Heathrow’s T2

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Style Partitions Moveable Walls

What to specify: refurbishment

This week’s refurbishment products include the installation of an aluminium windows and doors system in Hackney, moveable walls in Manchester, and a wood canopy for a campus at Edinburgh University

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Rooftop support systems

What to specify: Roofing

20 Jan 15

This week’s roofing products include roof boards at the new Woburn Forest Village Center Parcs leisure facility in Bedfordshire, and a green roof system at the Buchanan Street retail development in Glasgow

Tekla Global BIM awards winners

What to specify: BIM

8 Jan 15

This week, we celebrate BIM champions from around the world, as well as all manner of innovative BIM products coming to a construction site near you

Compact passenger lift

What to specify: Housing

11 Dec 14

The housing products in this issue’s Specifier include timber windows and doors, plant support systems for roofs, and external wall insulation. Plus there’s info on CPD, training viedeos and guides to Part L

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Sketch of the week

Hackney extension

Sketch of the week: Hackney extension

30 Jan 15

This week’s sketch is a concept of a two-bed roof extension in Hackney


Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Wonders & blunders with Gill Parker

12 Sep 14

London resident Gill Parker thrills to the Sackler Gallery’s contemporary spirit but is less than charmed by a sixties housing estate that has ghettoised its residents

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Jack Pringle

Build well, live well

29 Jan 15 | By Jack Pringle

A building that looks after your wellbeing - your fitness, comfort and stress levels - might sound like science fiction, but there are already awards in place applauding this kind of innovation

James Maddock

Space: The final frontier

22 Jan 15 | By James Maddock

Our understanding of the kinds of workspaces employees require is changing and this will result in offices that are more flexible and responsive to the varied needs of their occupiers