Carpet manufacturer Desso has launched a new collection, Core Structures

The range consists of seven products that provide a choice of carpet tiles and broadloom carpet. The Verso loop pile carpet tiles provide subtle contrasts of grey, brown, beige and blue and offer a delicate, repeat pattern, creating a finish that emulates the look of a hard surface owing to the flat nature of its structure. The Verso range includes Verso Grid, which has a lattice format that provides added depth, while the neutral brown and grey weave Verso Bars have a durable finish.

Pure is an office carpet tile with a subtly textured rib and mosaic effect, which comes in a neutral palette of grey, yellow and brown hues. Wilton Profile, Wilton Metallic and Wilton Ribs are woven broadloom carpet designs with highly textured surfaces and geometric inspired patterns. Wilton Profile uses natural tones, while Wilton Ribs has a simple repeating pattern. Wilton Metallic is a contemporary black version.