A Passivent natural ventilation system is being used on the latest phase of the Tamar Science Park in Plymouth, Devon

The two and three-storey offices and research buildings include Passivent Aircool ventilator units that draw fresh air into the building and exhaust stale air using natural variations in air temperature and movement.

In total 176 window Aircool units and 32 wall units with modulating actuators have been installed. As the warm internal air rises and is extracted through higher level units, cooler air is drawn in from outside by lower units. Modulating actuators allow occupants to adjust ventilation flow as required. Using just 1W of electricity, the Aircool units can be minutely adjusted to take the weather outside into account, the speed and direction of wind, rain, temperature and the location of the units within the building facade. The units can be controlled individually or linked to a building management system.