Kingspan Insulation has improved the thermal performance for most of its Kooltherm and Therma ranges

The Kooltherm range, which is made from rigid phenolic insulation, now boasts a lambda (heat transmission) value of 0.02 W/m2K, while that of the Therma range, which uses rigid urethane insulation, has dropped to 0.022 W/m2K. This helps to achieve desired U-values with thinner products.

The low lambda values mean that U-values can be achieved with a thinner thickness of insulation than before. Insulation materials that require bulky thicknesses also have the knock-on effect of needing longer fixings, deeper studs and so on, which can add to the cost.

Both Kooltherm and Therma products are suitable for a range of uses on new-build and refurbishment projects.