Rigidal Systems, manufacturer of metal roofing and cladding, has introduced a range of profiles designed to bring a new dimension to the use of profiled cladding

Available in aluminium or steel, as well as zinc and copper, Rigidal’s profiles can be produced in almost any combination of corrugated, trapezoidal or zig-zag shapes, and in addition can be perforated or embossed to provide designers and architects with an almost limitless range of possible variations in shape and form.

The company advises that the profiles are particularly suited for use on architectural features on roofs, walls or even floors, as well as pillars and other items.

Standard thicknesses range from 0.7mm to 1.5mm, and profiles are available in the full range of polyvinylidene fluoride colours as well as in plain mill.

The profiles can also be ordered in custom shapes, sizes and colours.

Rigidal Systems


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