Glidevale has introduced the Sunscoop, a discreet way to increase natural daylight in dark rooms and passages.

With 250mm, 350mm and 530mm-diameter domed tubular rooflights, the Sunscoop fits virtually flush to the roof and “catches” natural light, reflecting it down silvered tubes ducted through the roofspace and ceilings, into the room below. For conservation areas or older properties, Glidevale has designed a traditional version, which includes a central glazing bar reminiscent of Victorian cast-iron attic rooflights.

Both versions include a powdercoated aluminium frame with what the company says is impact-resistant, self-cleaning polycarbonate glazing. The ABS baseplate is specially treated with a UV-stable polymeric resin to prevent discolouration over time. The product is available in a range of standard colours and can be colour-matched to specific requirements.

Glidevale 303