The chief executive of the Construction Industry Council gives us a peek at his Christmas list

Chris Hoy is the sports personality of the year but who is construction's equivalent?

I'm more than a little biaised but I would have to say Keith Clarke (chairman of CIC and CEO of Atkins) for the strength of leadership he is showing on the clear and irrefutable challenges of combatting climate change through reducing the carbon emissions from the built environment.

What gift could Gordon Brown give to construction at Christmas?

Generally understand its significance more clearly; specifically by extending tax relief to inactive factories and warehouses so that we can preserve our future manufacturing capability through this recession; and ensuring that promised public spend on everything from Crossrail to schools and housing is actually delivered - it's no good promising to accelerate new money if the government isn't spending budgets that are already committed.

What's on your Christmas list?

I'm not terribly interested in presents anymore. Its nice to open some parcels on Christmas Day but I don't really mind what is in them! I'm just happy to be surrounded by my family and our beloved dogs!

How will you be spending the holidays?

Playing board games at home with loved ones - definitely! In a lovely cottage by the sea which unfortunately, one day soon, will be under it.

What are you looking forward to in 2009?

2008 has been a great year for me personally in every respect. So much so that it would be greedy and churlish to wish for anything next year. I just hope that all those close to me remain happy and healthy in 2009 and we get sensible and pragmatic support from the government (and the banks) to lessen the impact of this dreadful, deep and fast, recession so that we can approach the new year in 2010 with a renewed sense of optimism.

What are you dreading next year?

A government that is unable to be sensible and pragmatic and banks that refuse to make amends for the havoc their greed and incompetence has created and all of the personal grief that is caused by the consequences of this ineptitude. Further, irreversible evidence that climate change is taking hold of our planet.