Report into lack of maintenance funding sparks political row

Welsh hospitals are falling behind on £505m of hospital maintenance work, a report has found.

The Welsh Health Estates report examined the conditions of buildings in the care of nine NHS trusts, and the Powys Teaching Local Health Board.

Peter Black, the Liberal Democrat health spokesperson, said: "A year ago, we realised the situation was dire and called on the government to take action. The minister made it clear that this was not a priority and, as a result of her inaction, the situation is now even worse.

"The report states that there is a total of £241m 'high and significant risk' maintenance backlog which should be 'addressed at the earliest possible opportunity'. But the government have refused to even bring forward a plan on how this will be achieved."

Responding to Black's criticisms, an assembly government spokesperson said a further £300m for schemes had been approved and the schemes were due to start before April 2010.