Sustainability Focus – Page 18

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    Innovative electrical production


    EC Power has developed the XRGI, a micro combined heat and power (CHP) generator.

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    Flat plate solar collector


    Heating products maker Vaillant has added the Aurotherm VFK 900 to its solar heating range.

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    Sanyo air conditioning


    Sanyo Air Conditioners has launched an air-conditioning system partially powered by photovoltaic (PV) panels.

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    Waterless urinals


    Swiss company Urimat has launched its waterless urinal in the UK.

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    Just what is it like to live in an Ecohome?


    Sustainable housebuilding is all well and good, but it means little without sustainability-minded houseowners to back it up. Lydia Stockdale visited three ecohomes to see how the residents have adapted to a greener lifestyle

  • Floor standing Gas Boiler

    Floor-standing condensing gas boiler


    Boiler manufacturer Potterton has launched a floor-standing condensing gas boiler with an integrated hot water cylinder.

  • Here’s one way to cut traffic

    Here’s one way to cut traffic


    A consolidation centre in south-east London has improved site efficiency and dramatically reduced vehicle movements. Thomas Lane looks at how it did it, and the chances of the idea catching on

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    Hundreds of new carpets, lights, doors, furniture ... and it all ends up in a skip. Call that sustainable?


    The property industry has just begun to notice the sheer unrestrained waste of speculative fit-outs. But what are they going to do about it? Katie Puckett unravels the madness

  • WRAP wood

    Six ways to reduce waste


    When dealing with construction waste there are six questions you should ask yourself. WRAP's Mervyn Jones explains

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    What it costs: mechanical ventilation


    In many instances mechanical ventilation may be the only option to manage office environments. Peter Mayer of Building LifePlans explores the options

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    Beer, cannabis, glue and a generous helping of lime


    No, not a recipe for a quiet night in, but rather the ingredients of Adnams’ deep green distribution centre. Thomas Lane went to Suffolk to meet a brewer with a difference

  • Al Gore

    Building buys the popcorn


    Yes, we’re branching out. Inspired by the success of ‘Building buys a pint’, we took a group from consultant WSP to see Al Gore’s eco-documentary An Inconvenient Truth. Lydia Stockdale forked out for the Butterkist …

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    What it costs: photovoltaics


    Photovoltaics may help reduce energy costs, as well as cutting CO2 emissions. Peter Mayer of Building LifePlans looks at the options and whole-life costs of PV systems

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    The road to 2035


    The government’s transport adviser has conducted a study into Britain’s long-term transport needs. Could this mark the start of a golden age for the construction industry?

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    Warming to it


    Geothermal energy — With the construction industry on the lookout for sustainable energy sources, geothermal energy is increasingly becoming the preferred option on projects

  • Grants galore: Germany

    Germany 1 England 0


    … but it’s the USA and Canada that take the title. As our 99% Campaign continues, Sonia Soltani explores the energy efficiency grants and tax incentives on offer around the world

  • Ludgate House

    How green is Building’s building?


    By now, there should be an energy certification scheme in place for office buildings, but there isn’t. So Thomas Lane organised one for Ludgate House, the home of Building. Here’s what we found …

  • 99% campaign

    A typical guzzling, leaking, seeping, spewing british home


    To highlight the energy inefficiency at the heart of the UK’s existing housing stock, Thomas Lane took energy consultant Cathy Hough to inspect a typical south London terraced house, built 100 years before the latest revision to Part L. It wasn’t pretty …

  • 99% campaign

    The 99% campaign - Incentives for action


    Your suggestions on improving the energy performance of existing building stock including carbon trading, stamp duty and tax relief.

  • Integrated steel 3

    Whole-life costs: Concrete vs steel


    What are the environmental, capital cost and lifetime cost differences between a building with a steel frame and one built using concrete? David Weight of cost consultant Currie Brown applies the firm’s Live Options modelling system to find out